About us

A.Shak is a brand proud of its heritage and history having been founded back in 1958. Over the many decades A.Shak has grown and expanded into what it is today which is a company at the forefront of South African construction chemicals. A.Shak has premises across South Africa and can be found in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Over the years A.Shak has added many iconic products to their roster such as the widely recognised Plasterkey brand which has been used extensively throughout the industry and private spaces. A.Shak prides itself on the quality of their products and the excellence of the service provided.

Contact us

Tel: 0861-127425 (AShak)

or +27(11) 822-2320

Fax: +27(11)822-2354

or 0866-766-232


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