FlexiFilla - Roof Tile Repair and Crack Filler

FLEXIFILLA | Roof tile repair and crack filler



Water based acrylic Copolymer


FlexiFilla is a highly flexible compound for repairing loose ridge tiles and broken or cracked roof tiles.
FlexiFilla can also be used as a crack filler and because of FlexiFilla’s exceptional adhesion properties, skim patching of plaster is also possible.

Roof Ridges: - Add roof paint to FlexiFilla so that the FlexiFilla matches the colour of the roof. With a spatula apply the FlexiFilla to any areas where the ridge tile is lifting. Remove any loose cement or broken pieces and refill with FlexiFilla. Use a paintbrush to smooth off the FlexiFilla and allow to dry. Where the ridge tile meets the roof tiles, use a paintbrush with generous amount of FlexiFilla and “paint” the FlexiFilla onto the joint.

Broken Roof Tiles: - Using a spatula put a generous amount of FlexiFilla, mixed with roof paint, or use as is, onto the broken piece and re-attach it to the tile. Remove the excess FlexiFilla and allow to dry.

Wall cracks:- Slightly dampen the crack before filling. Deep cracks must be filled in stages to prevent slumping and longer drying times. On smooth walls FlexiFilla should be smoothed with a wet scraper prior to through drying. FlexiFilla is sandable after proper drying, but will clog the sandpaper slightly. Apply overcoat after 4-8 hours.

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