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A.Shak is focused firmly on its core business: manufacturing and supplying building industry chemicals. Led by a small group of passionate and innovative people, A. Shak believes in offering supreme service and superior quality, and continues to strive for excellence with a range of products that are both innovative and highly effective. More of a partner than a supplier, A. Shak aims to continually improve and grow, for its own benefit and for that of the entire industry.

Established in 1958, A.Shak started off selling shutter release oil to the construction industry. With time the company developed numerous new products and entered the retail sector approximately 30 years ago, supplying Plasterkey to the hardware industry. In 1999 Colin McCrorie and Cindy Engels acquired the company, and immediately set about taking this highly successful brand to even greater heights.

Staying true to a policy built around quality and service, the new owners focused on growing A.Shak by developing a range of new and exciting products. The result is a company that continues to create leading edge building industry chemicals whilst maintaining an honest and open attitude based upon a solid history.

A.Shak believes in shared successes. The company seeks to grow hand in hand with the retail outlets, concrete industry, contractors, plasterers, tilers, suppliers and partners. Superior service is top of the A.Shak's list. It's this promise, along with quality-tested products and ongoing customer support, that makes A.Shak so unique. As specialists in the construction industry the company enjoys a hands-on approach to management giving it an intimate understanding of exactly what it is the client needs. Coupled with high-end technology research and product development, these factors make A.Shak a leader in its specialist field.

But as with all great companies, there's no time to rest on one's laurels. A.Shak focuses daily on sustaining its current market placement by continually developing new technology and consistently improving on its already impressive brands and trademarks. It aims to uplift and educate its staff by creating opportunities through skills transfer. A.Shak's future is filled with the kind of opportunities that will ensure that this growing brand continues to excel over the years.



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Ashak Staff











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